55 Plus Communities Fort Myers: The Art of Journaling

There are a wide variety of reasons why everyone is encouraged to journal daily. Some of these reasons are to help you mentally, physically, and emotionally. At Cypress Cove we encourage a healthy lifestyle that helps you live at your highest level of independence and function. We believe while living in 55 plus communities in Fort Myers Florida, journaling can help you stay active in mind, body, and spirit.

Different approaches to journaling in 55 plus communities in Fort Myers:

  1. Family History:

    • Everyone has a unique journey and story. Journaling might be the perfect way to reflect and make a record of it for your family to read for generations. It is a way to leave your mark and share some of your exciting history with future generations. It might feel overwhelming to write down your whole history, but take it one day at a time. Give yourself a realistic goal and go for it. Once you get started, you might lose track of time!
  2. Reflection:

    • Some individuals use it to work through complicated or difficult decisions they must make. They write through different scenarios, ask themselves questions and work through the pros and cons. This can be a way to look at situations from varying perspectives and find creative solutions to problems.
  3. Planning:

    • It has also been helpful for some people to simply use their journal as a type of planner. In the morning they write down whatever is on their mind, a list of things they want to achieve today, this week, or within whatever time frame. People may also write in it at night and reflect on all the items they completed for the day. When you write something down, you’re much more likely to remember it, which is why this method could be beneficial to someone who is working on maintaining or improving their memory.
  4. Motivation:

    • Another popular journaling style is writing down quotes you find, favorite memories, and words of wisdom. This is helpful because it keeps this positivity top of mind, and you can look back at it anytime and feel a wave of optimism.
  5. Art:

    • Did you know there is a whole museum dedicated to journals? They collect artists’ journals and sketchbooks from around the world and have a giant library for people to explore. You don’t have to be at an advanced level to enjoy the art of journaling. You can start with drawing, painting, collaging, and more! What’s great about creating art in a journal is it is portable and can go anywhere. You don’t need a huge set-up to let your creative juices flow.

All in all, there is no correct way to journal. It is a personal and private hobby that you can use to process emotions, memories, problem solve, and share your creative perspective. If you decide to share it with the world, that’s your choice. If you end up loving journaling and think it could help others in your 55 plus communities in Fort Myers Florida, like Cypress Cove, then start a club and journal together! Talking through and sharing your creations/ideas could be beneficial in a variety of ways.