Cape Coral Independent Living: Tips to Drink More Water

Water is vital for all living things, from our plant friends to ourselves. However, as we age, we are typically at a much higher risk of dehydration. That’s why increasing water consumption is essential for seniors living in Cape Coral Independent Living Communities – keep on reading to learn more about its importance and what you can do to keep quenched!

Why are adults 55 plus more likely to become dehydrated?

  1. Decrease in thirst over time.
  2. Changes in body temperature regulation.
  3. Medications that can increase risk for dehydration.
  4. Physical limitations that make it painful or difficult to consume water.

How can water impact my health?

  1. It keeps your joints lubricated. If you end up being dehydrated for an extended period, it can lead to a decrease in the joints’ shock-absorbing ability, which in turn leads to join pain.
  2. Water keeps your mouth fresh and allows your body to produce natural saliva and mucus to help you safely digest foods and keep your mouth, nose, and eyes moist.
  3. It helps keep your skin beautiful.
  4. Water also helps circulate oxygen throughout your body.
  5. It keeps your brain, spinal cord, and key tissues cushioned.
  6. Water helps regulate your body temperature with sweat.
  7. Drinking water keeps your digestive system happy and helps with digestive problems, such as constipation and acidity.
  8. Water is needed to keep your blood pressure levels in check. If you become dehydrated for an extended period, your blood may thicken, which can lead to increasing blood pressure.
  9. Drinking the proper amount of water can help reduce your chances of kidney stones and other kidney issues.

Here are some tips to stay hydrated at your Cape Coral Independent Living Community:

  1. Always carry a water bottle with you, especially when enjoying the Florida sun.
  2. Drink before you feel the thirst sensation. If you are already feeling thirsty, then your body is already headed toward dehydration.
  3. Flavor your water – it doesn’t have to be boring! Add some of your favorite fruit and vegetables to make it more enjoyable.
  4. Limit beverages such as soda, coffee, and alcohol, as those have dehydrating effects.
  5. Remember – there’s an app for that! There are a variety of fitness apps and water tracking apps out there.
  6. Buy a water bottle that reminds you to drink. There are some water bottles that will light up when you haven’t taken a drink in a while and connect to apps to maintain a log.

Staying hydrated is essential for staying healthy. As we age, our body is at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated. This is why it’s important for individuals in Cape Coral Independent Living Communities, like Cypress Cove, to start embracing these healthy habits to increase water consumption on a daily basis.