Helping Your Parents with a Move to Senior Living

Change can be difficult for some, exciting for others. For seniors considering a move to a senior living or “retirement” community, change can bring about all sorts of emotions, particularly a fear of losing independence. One of the greatest gifts you can offer a loved one considering a move to a senior living community is your understanding and support.

It’s not easy helping your parents with life transitions, especially if you’re living far away. But parents need caring guidance toward a future that can absolutely be relaxing, interesting, active, and fun!

Begin the conversation about a move to a senior living community early, before a health crisis puts a whole new set of urgent decisions on your shoulders. Eleventh-hour planning drastically limits options and raises costs. Look at senior living options now, while your parents are healthy and able to enjoy it to the fullest. Learn from our residents who often say, “I wish I made the decision sooner!”

Cypress Cove Can Help Make the Conversation Easier

Cypress Cove’s caring professionals are happy to assist you with the conversation about transitioning to senior living. Make an appointment to talk with us.

In the meantime, here are several things to keep in mind when discussing a move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) with your parents or loved one.

They may not “feel ready” for senior living.

Independent Living comprises vibrant, active seniors who enjoy socializing and pursuing new hobbies and interests. Remind your mom or dad that there are all levels of senior living at Cypress Cove and healthcare is available when they need it:

They may be surprised at how much easier life will be.

Living without the worries of home maintenance can be really freeing. But remind your mom or dad that they can still do the things they loved doing around the house – whether it’s gardening, woodworking or cooking their own meals.

They may not understand how to calculate the cost of living in a senior community.

Help them take a dollars-and-cents look at what they’re actually paying to stay in their house: Insurance, utilities, taxes, services, home repairs and more – everything from pool maintenance and roof repairs to maintaining heating and AC. Compare those costs to everything included in the services and amenities at Cypress Cove.

They may be afraid a retirement community will actually age them!

Friends, fun, activity, creative projects, and intellectual stimulation all contribute to healthier living. Studies show that residents of senior living communities actually live longer, happier lives. Isolation and inactivity are key factors that accelerate physical and mental decline.

At Cypress Cove, here are just a few of the ways we keep residents active and young:

  • Fitness with a focus on fun, with friends who encourage your parents to take part
  • A full calendar of daily activities, including cultural events, trips, and talks by special guests
  • Opportunities to take classes in subjects of interest to your mom or dad
  • Optimum nutrition planned into every meal by our chefs and dietary specialists
  • Loving friends – neighbors and staff alike – to look after them all the time

They may be overwhelmed by the idea of moving.

Moving is a lot harder when you have to do it under pressure – forced by a health problem to sell the house quickly. And, often, people assume they have to coordinate everything themselves, from downsizing to logistics of selling their home. Cypress Cove will help your parents sell their home and even help them move into their new home at Cypress Cove.

They may be worried about getting the healthcare they need now and the care they may need in the future.

Your parents will be surrounded by licensed healthcare professionals at Cypress Cove, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are located on the campus of HealthPark Florida, just footsteps away from HealthPark Medical Center.