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Person-centered living at Cypress Cove.

What is Person-Centered Living at Cypress Cove?

Person-centered living is a care delivery approach and philosophy that places individual preference and choice at the forefront. You may also hear it called person-directed care. Regardless of what you call it, the person living in the Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Assisted Living, or Skilled Nursing community comes first – and the uniqueness of that person is respected and honored.

Here are just a few examples of person-centered living:

  • We honor our residents preferred meal times, menu selections, and sleep routines.
  • Our residents are surrounded by team members who take their time and patiently assist with their daily care requirements.
  • We provide flexible and customized care plans designed around each resident’s preferred schedule.
  • Our environments are specifically designed to feel “homey” and not clinical.
  • We provide customized programming and calendars designed around our individual residents’ likes and interests.
  • For those with dementia or living in Memory Care, we support technology that provides comfort or relieves anxiety.

Person-Centered Values

Making choices about your own life, being listened to and heard, and being truly identified as someone who needs connection is a basic human right. Person-centered values include:

  • Choice
  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Privacy
  • Self-determination
  • Purposeful living

Person-centered living is an important organizational value at Cypress Cove and is integrated into every aspect of living. Our emphasis on person-centered living fosters a culture that focuses on:

  • Autonomy, dignity, and individual choice of residents
  • Relationships among residents and staff, families, and support systems
  • Understanding what services residents want, how the services should be delivered, and how residents can be more engaged in the community
  • Residents’ ownership of lifestyle and routines in their home