SmartCard Technology at The Mead Therapy Center

With the use of the state-of-the-art Hur exercise equipment, therapists at The Mead Therapy Center establish a rehabilitation program based on a patient’s performance analysis. The SmartCard is loaded with patient statistics and, when inserted into the exercise machine, will adjust arm and seat levels and work within a person’s allotted program level.

How SmartCard Works

The success of rehabilitation therapy using SmartCard technology is based on a systematic approach to gathering information and using it to customize activity level. This process allows therapists working with patients and clients to monitor their reports because they are automatically updated.

The Mead Therapy Center also offers specialized equipment to improve balance and stability, such as the Korebalance™ training system, which features virtual and interactive technology, as well as electronically enabled parallel bars to advance flexibility and strength.

Whether recovery is expected to last a few weeks or a few months, The Mead Therapy Center at Cypress Cove will develop a customized plan that will allow residents to meet their rehabilitation goals using state-of-the-art technology and person-centered care.

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