Cypress Cove Testimonials

At Cypress Cove, providing the highest level of engaged living for our residents is a never-ending goal and a point of pride. Scroll through below and see how life at Cypress Cove has touched their lives—each and every day.

In their words

  • Thank you for the updates and thank you (and all your staff) for all the wonderful care your team provides to the residents!!!

    My mom…has been at Cypress Cove for more than 7 years. She was in IL (the Harbour) for many years but in the last 2 years has been in both the Inn and the Lodge. There have been many times over the years that I thought to write thank you's but have not (my bad!)

    There are so many wonderful staff members over the years but I want to call out some that I recall before I forget:

    - Jackie at the front desk is just amazing: so helpful all the time.
    - Linda at the front desk: cheery and always helpful.
    - Lynn from the Lodge has been top notch in helping me long before mom became a long term resident at the Lodge.
    - Lauren, her initial contact in the sales office, was a miracle worker: helped mom to see Cypress Cove was right for her.
    - Scott in the Lodge for his activities that mom loves so much!
    - Kim from the Inn who has been a strong listening ear
    - Ron from the Inn: helping mom adjust to the Inn, guiding her as she adjusted
    - Michael from the Inn: always kind, caring, and calm
    - Hannah from the Lodge: helping me in every "crisis"
    - Karrie from the Lodge: first nurse mom met in the Lodge: so supportive to me and my family
    - All the aides that convinced mom that they could help in the shower!
    - Raine: who helped me get the long term claims going!
    - the guys driving transportation to/from her appts: helping her to stay "independent" for so long
    - the folks in security: who have helped in so many ways
    - the young man in maintenance who interrupted his lunch and lent me an Allen wrench this past weekend!
    - the folks planning, making, serving, delivering meals, and providing them meals in the restaurants (miss those Sunday brunches!)

    I am sure that I left off many people that I should have listed. And I apologize to them. It is important you (and your staff) have to know how much it means to me and my family that Cypress Cove exists and that mom selected Cypress Cove to live there. Everyone is phenomenal so the HR folks doing the hiring must be top notch!

    Again thank you! If you ever need anything, please let me know.
    Daughter of resident, on behalf of the whole family

  • "As for why I was so pleased with my meeting with Dr. Bob, it was because of the way he communicated. He used words and terminology which I could understand rather than ‘medical speak‘. Second, he listened to what I had to say. The result was a very meaningful and helpful discussion about my medical concerns."

    Bob Kleckner, Cypress at Home Client

  • "I wanted to share my appreciation and sense of wellbeing, owing it all to the wonderful care I received from you and the staff at The Lodge after my Total Knee Replacement on March 29, 2021, at Lee Memorial Hospital. The care I received from your staff has made all the difference in my recovery... I started keeping a list of all the people who were kind, helpful, and caring, but the list became so long because everyone of your staff from RNs to PT and OT to aides were all so very caring and helpful."

    Donna Smith Jones, Outpatient

The Oaks at Cypress Cove: brand new, uncompromising lakeside luxury.

The Oaks at Cypress Cove: brand new, uncompromising lakeside luxury.

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