Staying well at Cypress Cove.

The Cypress Cove REACH Wellness Program is a leading-edge, organized effort that employs evidence-based activity to help residents live at their highest level of independence and function. Wellness at Cypress Cove is about encouraging residents to stay active in mind, body, and spirit.

Our wellness goals are to:

  • Engage residents
  • Expose them to topics of interest
  • Encourage them to expand their horizons
  • Present opportunities to try new things
  • Inspire beneficial action

REACH strives to engage residents in loving where they live and taking full advantage of all that Cypress Cove has to offer, continually encouraging them to:

  • Enjoy life at all levels of ability
  • Make the best personal choices for them
  • Volunteer, get involved, make an impact
  • Perfect a skill or try something new
  • Take care of themselves

Wellness Within REACH

Cypress Cove’s emphasis on wellness goes beyond the typical exercise and activities calendar. Yes, those are important aspects of our residents’ days. But we also strive to connect with our residents in mind, body, and spirit through wellness programming that:

  • Exposes them to topics of interest
  • Encourages them to expand their horizons
  • Presents opportunities to try new things
  • Inspires action that is beneficial to themselves and those around them

A Sample of Wellness Activities at Cypress Cove

Each month, Cypress Cove focuses on an aspect of wellness that empowers residents to make the best personal choices for themselves – through physical activity, food, volunteerism, or creativity. View our sample REACH wellness programming calendar.

Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness

Active aging is about living as fully as possible within what the International Council on Active Aging calls the seven dimensions of wellness. At Cypress Cove, we place a premium on creating opportunities to nurture wellness in all its forms.

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Senior living it up!

Senior living it up!

With a wide range of activites right on campus, there’s no time like now to try something new.

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Senior living it up!