Life Scenario #1:

Cypress Cove Residents David and Susan Smith moved to Cypress Cove while they are still very active to enjoy all the wonderful amenities, activities, and maintenance-free lifestyle. With even more time on their hands now to make new friends, stay fit, and try new hobbies, they continue to volunteer, golf and socialize with their best friends.

One night David wakes up to use the bathroom and falls. Susan calls security and a nurse is there within minutes. Cypress
Cove’s trained staff attend to David and comfort Susan until an ambulance arrives.

Unfortunately, David requires surgery on his hip. Cypress Cove staff make all the arrangements for him to return to short-term rehabilitation in The Lodge, a five-star CMS rated healthcare facility on the Cypress Cove campus. (In fact, it’s under the same roof!) Susan receives regular communications on David’s condition and visits her husband every day – only a five-minute walk from their apartment. The staff even surprise the couple with cake, Champagne and balloons on their anniversary, tipped off by regular contact with their out-of-town family members.

After his release, David and Susan walk the short distance to his prescribed physical therapy appointments in the Meade Therapy Center, adjacent to The Lodge. Thankfully, he has a speedy recovery.

Flash forward two years and Susan’s genetics are getting the best of her, despite the chefprepared meals customized to her dietary needs and regular exercise. She is also experiencing cognitive decline. Fortunately, the Smiths have been
using the medical clinic on campus for their primary care needs and the medical team has been in constant contact with them and their extended family, discussing options. When David begins to feel overwhelmed, they know the time has come for Susan to move to assisted living.

David visits Susan daily. Again, just a short walk from their apartment. The group and individual activities and entertainment are a blast, just like they were in The Lodge, and David is always welcome. At some point David realizes he is also slowing down and doesn’t want the hassle of maintaining a car, with complimentary and affordable transportation options readily available. He is filled with relief that his beloved wife is well cared for, and he has the support he needs too. When he is ready, he joins Susan in assisted living.

Their children, busy with careers and families of their own, have peace of mind knowing mom and dad are receiving the best care possible, surrounded by their Cypress Cove family.

Total annual cost up to $87,060

Life Scenario #2:

Bob and Alice Jones live in a beautiful 55+ community, thoroughly enjoying retirement and the benefits of their many years of hard work. The community claims to be maintenance-free but, in reality, it’s not 100% maintenance free.

One night Bob wakes up to use the bathroom and falls. Alice calls 911. It is a very scary night!
Unfortunately, Bob requires surgery on his hip. He is then sent to a rehab facility several miles away, which is
very inconvenient for Alice. Upon release, Alice takes Bob to his physical therapy appointments three times a week, also several miles away IN SEASON! Bob recovers quickly but Alice is exhausted.

Flash forward two years and Alice’s genetics are getting the best of her, despite their best attempts at healthy
eating and regular exercise. She is also experiencing cognitive decline. The options for her care are overwhelming and grown children must take time away from work and their families to help Bob and Alice navigate the complexities of these important healthcare decisions. But good news! A new assisted living facility has just opened on the other
side of town and still has openings.

Bob visits Alice as often as he can, but he is feeling overwhelmed some days. Without his wife around to keep his social calendar busy and healthy meals at the ready, he feels isolated and falls into some bad habits. It’s not
long before he joins Alice at the assisted living facility.

Total annual cost $158,400

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