Protecting your financial assets.

Asset preservation is an investment strategy where the primary goal is protecting and preserving the capital you or your parents have built over time. For seniors looking at retirement, asset preservation is important to consider because they may be relying on investments to generate income that will help cover living expenses.

Healthcare costs at Cypress Cove – especially with the predictable costs of what is called Life Care – are typically well below the prevailing market rates for healthcare. Cypress Cove offers asset protection through refundable entrance fee contracts – returning up to 100% of these funds to the senior’s estate. Future healthcare costs are predictable under Life Care Contracts since monthly service fees remain the same as Independent Living fees.

Parents often worry about not providing enough for their families. These plans help reassure them.

The fastest way to spend down assets is to be unprepared for a health crisis and all the expenses that come with it. Talk to us about the many financial options we offer, designed to make Cypress Cove affordable and comfortable for a wide range of budgets.

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Fees and pricing.

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